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  • Ideas by Songbird Sings

  • Womens Blouses, Tops and Cardigans

    I Love Pact for some staple tees and would love to see other style Tops and even womens Blouses and Cardigans available. I'd love to be able to buy some organic and chic / elevated styles of Tops. How about a short sleeve or long sleeve button down, Or how about a light short sleeve top with interesting details or tayloring (classic styles, ruching, loose drape, tasteful ruffles... I'm thinking of the blouses or even dresses from the movie 500 Days of Summer, https://pinkchiffonandacuppa.files.wordpress.co..., https://abcsofstyle.files.wordpress.com/2012/07...
    and movie Age of Adeline anything including classic cardigans, tops, and even skirts.

  • Womens A Line or High Waist Skirts!!!

    I would love me some organic skirts! The A line cut is universally flattering and comfy and High Waist (maybe a thicker waist band) skirts are also a returning trend and comfy too. Just above knee length and a Midi-length would be two perfect options! I would love to see Solid colors as well as classic stripes and prints. Also, maybe combining the fabric material to be organic cotton and added organic hemp or organic bamboo might give the skirts some more weight and durability and dress them up a bit. A plain circle skirt cut, or maybe a pleated option would work too.

  • Womens Underwear That Stays Put

    I would love for the womens underwear to stay put and not ride up, stretch out, or go into wedgie-land. I have a fuller tush and have tried both the Womens Hipster and Boy Shorts, and I think if an elastic band around the bottom part of the leg was added, and maybe a little more material in the cheeks area of the Hipster, they would stay happily in place. Although I normally wear Bikinis, no way there is enough material regardless of size for my fit, and I'm a small. As it is, although cute, I don't wear the Pact undies I bought because they don't fit my smaller waist, curvy rear. Suggestion- A cut from another brand that works well for us curvy tushes is Womens Hanes Ultimate Cotton Stretch in regular or the cute lace around the wide top waistband. Both have elastic around the leg holes to keep in place. Their Bikini is still my go to for best fit. Thanks!