What's On Your Mind?

You've come to a pretty awesome place on the page. This is your opportunity to let your creative freak flag fly! Share styles, patterns, suggestions to current products - anything! 

All we ask is you keep your feedback constructive. If you don't like something we are doing please let us know in a way which we can take action to make it better. 

You rock!

  • Tee Shirt Dress

    I would love to see a simple tee shirt dress. I've attached an image of one from Old Navy. I think slightly fitted with the same material we've seen in the wrap dress or maxi would be perfect.

  • More Basics

    First of all, the reason why PACT is my favorite clothing brand is because the clothes are so classic in style and basic in function. This makes it the easiest place to start when trying to build a more sustainable wardrobe. I hope you continue to focus on these features, as well as organic natural materials. I would love to see even more basic clothing items, such as women's sweatpants(!), bras/bralettes, and more top and bottom styles--still basic and classic, but more options. I absolutely love this company and can't wait to see what it has to offer in the future! (But PS... I'm still waiting on my free socks!)

  • More clarification...

    Wanting an ethical wardrobe, I appreciate the clarification your website provides and love the product! In my research, I've found that "certified fair-trade" doesn't necessarily mean "no child labor" or "no sweat shops." Something not included in the list of "we do not" is mention of convict labor. Is PACT part of that discussion/action here in the United States? Is it something that, if not participating in, PACT could add to the list on the website? When I share with friends the reasons I only buy "fair-trade" (and I read someone's post about bras-that has been THE hardest item to find and I'm still searching!) I would love to have convict labor be a part of the discussion.

  • Tunic Length Tee

    Would love to see a tunic length tee to cover my bum! Not skin tight; prefer some flow.

  • I would love to see boxer brief style underwear

    I want more coverage in women's underwear. I would love boxer briefs for women.

  • Colors

    I love pact's quality, but I can't stand the men's vs women's colors. You offer browns and grays and mustard and navy to the men, with interesting color combinations, but the women get light purple, pink, white, and baby blue...!!! It is infuriating as a customer to be offered almost exclusively "girl" colors in the patterned products. We want options. Girls wear black too, and we want our underwear to have interesting and grown up colors and patterns - no more pink and purple flowers!! It's insulting to divide the genders that way and I'm surprised that Pact continues to treat men and women as though their reproductive organs have color preferences.

  • Bring back the green men's boxer briefs!

    Bring back the green ones, and more patterns!

  • Annual wardrobe refresh bundle

    I would create a annual wardrobe refresh bundle. It would include 5-7 boxers, undershirts and socks. You could offer a discount for buying the full bundle vs. one item at a time. I would definitely buy this since I like to keep my shopping simple.

  • Knee-High Socks

    Not all people are tiny people. Can we have knee-high socks that fit us peeps with bigger calfs? Please please, oh please?


    More Rainbows. In everything. Because .. rainbows are amazing!