What's On Your Mind?

You've come to a pretty awesome place on the page. This is your opportunity to let your creative freak flag fly! Share styles, patterns, suggestions to current products - anything! 

All we ask is you keep your feedback constructive. If you don't like something we are doing please let us know in a way which we can take action to make it better. 

You rock!

  • Bras

    I would love to see you guys make bras whether they are sports or regular. I don't see many sustainably made undergarments and specifically bras. Your apparel is so comfy I don't doubt they'd be amazing.

  • Bras and Boxers

    I have to second the bra recommendation. I am currently in need of a new one (or a few) and it's nearly impossible to find an organic cotton option. That would be a great next step for your company I think! Also, a new style of boxer would be appreciated. Like the classic relaxed fit type versus the fitted type you already offer. Thanks for reaching out to hear your customers!

  • PACT Pajamas

    I would love to see some unisex cotton pajamas using your cool color patterns, or a bird pattern as suggested below.

  • Recycle and reuse!

    I would love to be able to send back my worn out Pact Apparel for you to recycle and/or reuse the fabric! For example, if my socks are worn out with holes in them, I could mail them back to you and hopefully you could strip down the fabric for reuse.

    I really love the Vermont Darn Tough wool socks because the company encourages you to send back all worn out socks and they replace them for you! I don't need replacement Pact Apparel... just knowing that the fabric is being recycled and reused as much as possible would be awesome... although a gift certificate or discount would be even more awesome. :)

  • Colors

    I love pact's quality, but I can't stand the men's vs women's colors. You offer browns and grays and mustard and navy to the men, with interesting color combinations, but the women get light purple, pink, white, and baby blue...!!! It is infuriating as a customer to be offered almost exclusively "girl" colors in the patterned products. We want options. Girls wear black too, and we want our underwear to have interesting and grown up colors and patterns - no more pink and purple flowers!! It's insulting to divide the genders that way and I'm surprised that Pact continues to treat men and women as though their reproductive organs have color preferences.

  • Hemp!

    I love pact quality and i think organic cotton and hemp is a great combo. Hemp is antimicrobial, moisture wicking, and sustainable, and revolutionary! Yay!

  • Jeans

    I would love to see ethically made and reasonable priced jeans!

  • Annual wardrobe refresh bundle

    I would create a annual wardrobe refresh bundle. It would include 5-7 boxers, undershirts and socks. You could offer a discount for buying the full bundle vs. one item at a time. I would definitely buy this since I like to keep my shopping simple.

  • More recycled products

    I'd love to see more products made from with recycled materials.

  • Socks in brown palate

    I love all the bright colors, but sometimes I want something that has more browns in it. Would love to see more of those.