What's On Your Mind?

You've come to a pretty awesome place on the page. This is your opportunity to let your creative freak flag fly! Share styles, patterns, suggestions to current products - anything! 

All we ask is you keep your feedback constructive. If you don't like something we are doing please let us know in a way which we can take action to make it better. 

You rock!

  • "Nude" is not one color only

    There should be a "nude" line that includes a variety of colors for different skin tones

  • Womens Blouses, Tops and Cardigans

    I Love Pact for some staple tees and would love to see other style Tops and even womens Blouses and Cardigans available. I'd love to be able to buy some organic and chic / elevated styles of Tops. How about a short sleeve or long sleeve button down, Or how about a light short sleeve top with interesting details or tayloring (classic styles, ruching, loose drape, tasteful ruffles... I'm thinking of the blouses or even dresses from the movie 500 Days of Summer, https://pinkchiffonandacuppa.files.wordpress.co..., https://abcsofstyle.files.wordpress.com/2012/07...
    and movie Age of Adeline anything including classic cardigans, tops, and even skirts.

  • Design T-shirts

    I'd love to see more patterned T-shirts, and/or different designs with words or images that show the world what PACT is all about!

  • More Durable Underwear

    Please make women's underwear more durable. My PACT underwear falls apart much quicker than all my other underwear. I don't treat it any different than something from Victoria's Secret, and I don't want to. The main issue is that the ribbing seems to come apart from the main fabric, and on lace underwear waistbands, the lace starts to come apart. Flimsy underwear seems to work against the idea of sustainability. This is this only obstacle I have to going 100% PACT underwear. I love everything else about PACT, and want to keep supporting it.

  • We love your clothing

    But you are always out of items, especially basic things like your thongs. It would also be nice to see a wider array of clothing options available, like shorts or other summer clothing. I would love to promote your site to others but its hard when you don't have all your stock.

  • Tunic Length Tee

    Would love to see a tunic length tee to cover my bum! Not skin tight; prefer some flow.

  • More affordable boxers and socks

    Offer bundled socks or boxers at a discounted rate, also look into hemp fiber. More basket weave patterns. More crazy designs.

  • More Durable Underwear

    I really like the men's boxer briefs. I became a convert several years ago, when on a whim, I purchased a pair from a natural food store in Cleveland Ohio and I haven't looked back. It has been a wonderful few years with one exception; recently my bb's have become noticeably less durable. As a person who tries to live in a more sustainable manner, I bike commute on a daily basis. Recently this has taken a toll on my current stock of underthings! My idea is this; create a "bike commuter" line. Use a heavier weight fabric for the bottom panel (crotch). That's it. Other than that, I freakin' love the boxer briefs. Thank you and have a swell day.

  • More clarification...

    Wanting an ethical wardrobe, I appreciate the clarification your website provides and love the product! In my research, I've found that "certified fair-trade" doesn't necessarily mean "no child labor" or "no sweat shops." Something not included in the list of "we do not" is mention of convict labor. Is PACT part of that discussion/action here in the United States? Is it something that, if not participating in, PACT could add to the list on the website? When I share with friends the reasons I only buy "fair-trade" (and I read someone's post about bras-that has been THE hardest item to find and I'm still searching!) I would love to have convict labor be a part of the discussion.

  • Womens Underwear That Stays Put

    I would love for the womens underwear to stay put and not ride up, stretch out, or go into wedgie-land. I have a fuller tush and have tried both the Womens Hipster and Boy Shorts, and I think if an elastic band around the bottom part of the leg was added, and maybe a little more material in the cheeks area of the Hipster, they would stay happily in place. Although I normally wear Bikinis, no way there is enough material regardless of size for my fit, and I'm a small. As it is, although cute, I don't wear the Pact undies I bought because they don't fit my smaller waist, curvy rear. Suggestion- A cut from another brand that works well for us curvy tushes is Womens Hanes Ultimate Cotton Stretch in regular or the cute lace around the wide top waistband. Both have elastic around the leg holes to keep in place. Their Bikini is still my go to for best fit. Thanks!